Teaching Evaluations

This page contains links to PDF files of teaching evaluations from various courses (verso pages are provided only when students filled them out), as well as a link to page of student testimonials, and links to blogs students have prepared themselves for extra (or Honors) credit for various upper-level philosophy seminars.

Plato Seminar (Fall ’20)

Philosophy of Religion (Fall ’20)

Philosophy of Law (Summer ’20)

Mind and Body (Summer ’20)

Judaism and Christianity (Spring ’20)

Critical Reasoning (Spring ’20)

Critical Reasoning (Fall ’19)

Intro to Western Philosophy (Fall ’17)

Judaism and Christianity (Fall ’17)

Kierkegaard Seminar ’15 evaluations

Introduction to Western Philosophy (Plato’s Republic)

Philosophy of Mind

Epistemology Spring ’11

Epistemology Fall ’08

Philosophy of Religion Spring ’11

Philosophy of Religion Winter ’09


Student Blog from Kierkegaard Seminar