Click on the links below to open pages with downloadable copies of each syllabus. There’s a place to leave comments if you have suggestions for how a syllabus might be improved. Please also let me know if you find any typos or other errors in any syllabus. If you are one of my students, you’ll get extra credit for every error you find!

I’ve taught more courses than I’ve included here (oh yeah, I’ve taught almost everything including Business Ethics and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice). The ones I haven’t included are the ones I haven’t taught in a long time. If you’re curious, however, concerning what other courses I’ve taught, or you’d like to see one of those other syllabi, just email me. I’ll send you a copy of any syllabus you’d like to check out.

Philosophy of Law (online version)

Plato Seminar

Philosophy of Religion Syllabus

Judaism and Christianity Syllabus

Critical Reasoning Syllabus

Epistemology Syllabus

Ethics Syllabus

Introduction to Philosophy Syllabus

Philosophy of Mind Syllabus

Philosophy of Sport Syllabus