Pelikan 100This blog is called The Life of the Mind. I use it to record random philosophical musings, as well as thoughts that have been elicited by material I’m reading. I read mostly non-fiction books, but also magazines, book reviews and material online, so there’s a lot of variety here. Many of the posts are essays, but there are shorter, more traditional blog posts as well. The options to “like” and “share” individual posts, as well as the option to leave a comment, appear if you click the “leave a comment” link under the tags to the left of each post. To view the posts click here, or on the “Life of the Mind” drop-down link under “Blog” in the menu at the top of the homepage.

The picture above is of my Pelikan 100 fountain pen. It sits in front of a small still life by the artist Paul DuSold. Behind the bottle of Pelikan Ink is my copy of the Ferrall-Repp Danish-English Dictionary from 1845.